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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6AM  CBS  January 31, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PST

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this make or break primary. >> the mayor is trying to figure out what to do with the movement. >> mayor quan's new tactic to calm the "occupy" movement in the city. why she is change her tune on a controversial idea. >> the morning commute is getting under way across the bay area. where it's busiest. we'll tell you in just minutes. low clouds and fog extending well onshore. some drizzle this morning. maybe some rain in the forecast, too. we'll have more coming up. good morning. i'm grace lee. >> i'm frank mallicoat. it's voting day for republican delegates in florida in a winner-take-all primary. susan mcginnis reports live from tampa where polls have been open for two house of representatives. let's start with mitt romney and newt gingrich. >> reporter: the latest is romney is here in tampa doing some last-minute campaigning. gingrich is confident he can
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close the gap but by all measures so far it looks like romney is going to sweep florida. by the end of the day today, polls close at 7 p.m. eastern time, it does look like romney is going to take florida and gain all of the state's 50 delegates and then move on to some of the next contests where they're not winner-take-all and it will be a race for delegates which is where and why newt gingrich is expected to keep going and take us all the way. >> you bring:a good point because there's 50 delegates at stake today but back to new hampshire and south korea it was done through proportion. you have this many votes, you get this many delegates and i guess the primaries and the caucuses that follow florida aren't so newt gingrich friendly. he could be hurt today. don't you think? >> at least in the short term. the next few races will be unfriendly or unfriendly to newt gingrich the nevada with a
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large mormon population, michigan is romney friendly because he was born there and his father was governor there. arizona also a large population of mormons. that's supposed to go to romney, as well. if gingrich hangs in and waits for the race for delegates and gets some more funding and he is going to need more funding to stay in the race compared to mitt romney, he stands to win several races in march including some key states that like him like georgia, oakland and tennessee so this is why it does look like this race is going to go on for some time. >> former florida governor jeb bush has yet to endorse any of the candidates. why do you think that is? >> yeah. hehe said thank goodness it's a secret ballot. marco rubio senator here in
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florida says he is not endorsing anyone. he is staying neutral. it's a trendful you remember iowa's governor did not choose a candidate. looks like a trend here. a lot of people in the republican party fear both of these front-runners are damaging each other and the party. some of them might hope another powerhouse comes out of the woodwork like jeb bush to try to run at the last minute. but it also could be that jeb bush and some others might be looking at 2016 and don't want to glom on to someone. >> no signs of romney singing again. hopefully not. >> governor, please. i beg you. [ laughter ] >> that's so true. >> thank you. susan mcginnis live for us in tampa. thanks so much. and be sure it keep it right here on cbs 5 throughout the day for continuing coverage for the latest information all you have to do is go to our
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website, and click on news. allegations that ross mirkarimi kept his wife confined to home on new year's eve. the "chronicle" reports that eliana lopez finally heft home when mirkarimi took a shower 18 hours after he allegedly caused a bruise on her arm. prosecutors want to use video taken by the neighbor in their domestic violence case against sheriff mirkarimi. oakland's mayor is talking about a new idea to prevent violence and vandalism by "occupy" protestors in her city. gil diaz is in oakland where repeat offenders might be ordered to stay away. >> reporter: mayor quan is requesting court orders for 100 protestors. she and others call them stay- away orders. but critics say the stay-away orders are just injunctions. the same type of injunctions the mayor was opposed to when former police chief anthony batts wanted them against gangs. here's how these stay-away
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orders work. the 100 protestors would be forbidden from being in certain areas such as frank ogawa plaza or all of downtown. if the protestors returned, police can arrest them immediately for violating the orders. "occupy oakland" sees this new tactic as hypocracy. >> you can call it a stay-away order. to us they look like injunctions, they work the same way and for us the same failed policies. >> the mayor at this moment is scrambling to try to figure out what to do with this movement. >> reporter: a cal berkeley law professor says the stay-away orders could create backlash for oakland. he says many of these protestors have no money so the city with have a difficult time getting a -- collecting fines from them. around also filling up the jails -- and also filling up the jails with "occupy oakland" supporters might cause public opinion against the city. as for the "occupy oakland" movement, the next planned protest is this monday at the courthouse. >> thank you, gil diaz live for us in oakland this morning.
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thank you. this morning, kaiser permanente workers throughout northern california will go on a one-day strike. mental health and optical employees are involved in a wage and health coverage dispute. their union has been trying to get a new contract since 2010. about 22,000 workers will be on strike today only. kaiser does plan to bring in some replacement workers to stay open today. we'll have a live report at 6:30. elizabeth has a look at the roads. >> good morning. let's go towards the bay bridge. usually our best indicator of how traffic is moving in the bay area and so far things look great. no metering lights at the bay bridge toll plaza so no major delays and this is a life snapshot there on the upper deck. this is the san francisco side of the span. so overall, things on westbound 80 on the upper deck look good this morning. in downtown. western edge of the dumbarton,
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westbound 84 right there by willow road sounds like there's an accident there and it may be blocking lanes. san mateo bridge this camera just past the toll plaza on the flat section of the span, so far you are cruising even though traffic is getting busier in the commute direction. plenty of clouds around the bay area this morning. drizzle at th coast. delays of one hour on arrivals at sfo because of the low clouds and fog. temperatures in the 40s and 50s. so fairly mild for this time of year. by the afternoon we'll be cool, looking at numbers about 55 degrees in pacifica, 58 in san francisco. about 61 degrees in san jose. next couple of days a slight chance we could see some showers tomorrow really early on. mainly north of the golden gate bridge. once that moves by it's back to dry weather and above normal temperatures. offshore winds going to blow
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the temperatures, soaring near 70 toward thursday afternoon. that's a look at weather. back to you. >> thank you. 6:07. an east bay cop in hot water over an comment he made on twitter. >> when you get a lot of people crammed in together, you don't know what could happen. sparks can fly. >> and a bay area city scrambling to control its late night brawls. how police are stepping up security at bars. and we all know it's hard enough just to score super bowl tickets. so why is a jilted boyfriend giving his pair away upon twitter? we'll explain. sweetheart. we need to talk.
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hundreds more in your wallet year after year. feed me! saving you money -- now, that's progressive. call or click today. n the dictator of syri welcome back. 6:11 now. today secretary of state hillary clinton will urge the u.n. security council to condemn the dictator of syria. bashir assad's forces have cracked down on antigovernment protestors for almost a year now. the u.n. says more than 5,000 people have been killed in the middle eastern nation. right now, activists say syrian troops are crushing pockets of resistance outside the capital city of damascus. and new this morning, italian emergency officials have just announced that they are calling off the search for
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missing people following that deadly cruise shipwreck. italy's civil protection agency says the danger is too great for the rescue workers. the costa concordia cruise ship ran aground on january 13, when the captain deviated from his planned route. 17 bodies have been recovered, 16 are still listed as missing. there will be plenty of police in downtown walnut creek over the weekend. their job is to prevent more violence like they had this last weekend. you see some video here. police broke up three separate fights in the downtown area sunday morning. they came just days after city leaders promised the crackdown on late-night bar violence. city leaders met yesterday and heard the police chief's new plan. >> effective this weekend, we will have additional staffing -- significant additional staffing downtown late at night to thwart any problems that could be caused by people enjoying our downtown. >> walnut creek city officials
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want authorities to limit the hours that bars can operate. coming up, the twitter post that landed one richmond cop in trouble. >> and talk about a real-life nightmare. one man's rude awakened after a car barreled into his home. what's that. >> that's not good. ♪
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top stories... polls say mitt romney is the favorite today... as e polls in florida, back now at 6:15. take a look at some of the top stories on this tuesday. polls say mitt romney is the favorite today as republicans head to the polls in florida for the presidential primary. we are in orlando. is that a live look? it could be. if it is -- no. that's on tape. this is a winner-take-all state. so all of the 50 delegates will go to the candidate that gets the most votes. mitt romney with the absentee votes is ahead of newt gingrich. oakland mayor jean quan is talking about stay-away orders for repeat offenders at the "occupy oakland" protests. critics say such orders would be similar to gang injunctions that quan has recently imposed. a one-day strike today by thousands of employees at kaiser permanente in northern california. they plan to bring in replacement workers and mental health and optical workers in a dispute over pay and health
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benefits. it is 6:16 now. a connecticut man woke up to a real-life nightmare when an suv slammed into his apartment and landed on top of him. take a look at this as police were chasing the bmw when the driver lost control, crashed through the first floor apartment. the man was trapped under the car for more than an hour. rescuers are trying to free him. this morning he is recovering from some very bad burns and cops are still looking for the driver. we're following a couple of accidents here in the bay area including one on highway 4. it is going against the commute until the eastbound lanes of highway 4 right there as you approach hillcrest. but it is blocking a lane so maybe causing some extra slowing in the westbound direction, some visual distraction there. otherwise, out towards westbound 84, coming off of the dumbarton bridge, sounds like it's closer towards willow in menlo park. there is an accident there, as well. it is also blocking a lane. we are not seeing any slowing on our sensors yet.
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but overall, things are starting to get busier across the bay area including across the nimitz near the coliseum and you will notice there is a warriors game, keep talking about this, warriors take on the sacramento kings 7:30 tonight over by oracle so once again you could find some extra heavy delays north- and southbound 880 across that stretch. otherwise check the south bay overall cruising even up 101 coming into san jose. so far looks okay. and 280 moving fine, as well. definitely busier than when we first started in morning. moving to cupertino from downtown the drive time pretty much in the clear. we have a sharks game tonight, as well. 7:30 delays along the guadalupe parkway for your evening commute or maybe a little past it really. and bay bridge or bart systemwide on time. bart, ace, muni and caltrain and your ferries all on time. at the bay bridge, they have not turned the metering lights on yet. this is typically right around the time they do so we'll let you know if we're seeing any
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bigger delays. lawrence says there is a chance -- there is a chance of rain. >> yeah. we have some low clouds stretching onshore today elizabeth and even some drizzle at the coast early on. we have some delays at sfo for arriving flights just over an hour so if you plan on somebody coming in you can prepare for some delays. 40s around the bay area right now. by the afternoon, we are going to sneak some sunshine inside the bay but plenty of clouds rolling through. temperatures will be cool, 50s and low 60s. high pressure rather flat but strong enough to hold most of the energy at bay and by the time this cold front looks impressive here but by the time it gets here there's not much too it. but there is a slight chance we could see showers mainly north of the golden gate bridge and that's about it. system moving through the bay area right now. low clouds mixing out but toward the afternoon a few high clouds filter in and then tomorrow a cold front slides by. tomorrow morning slight chance of showers but again a dying cold front that moves on through. so not a real good chance of rain just maybe a couple of light showers outside. today skies part a bit. plan on 61 degrees in san jose.
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58 in union city. and 55 and cloudy skies in pacifica. 50s and a few 60s in the interior valleys by the latter part of the day. as you get inside the bay it will take a long time for the clouds to break up. thick out there. so 58 degrees in oakland, 55 and cloudy skies in daly city. about 61 some partly cloudy skies into santa rosa by the afternoon. over the next couple of days a chance of a few light showers on wednesday, not very impressive. offshore winds send temperatures to 70 in the warmer spots and mild on the weekend and dry not only for the next five to seven days after that but maybe the next 10 or 15 days. i wish we could get the rain going but it's just not happening. >> that's what happened, though. we were warm and then you will of a sudden february and march we got nailed. >> i hope it switches. but i don't see it. >> we need it. >> thank you. 6:20 now. a richmond police officer is getting criticism for a comment that he made about computer hackers. last thursday, sergeant mike rood wrote a twitter message to
6:21 am
the president of the ultimate fighting championship. this is about an attack on the organization's website. he said: the hacker group "anonymous" and its supporters describe that comment as a criminal threat. richmond police say since the posting they have received a flood of complaints. a police captain says that the department has opened an investigation. more concerns about facebook's plans to expand its new headquarters in the city. so the menlo park city council will hold a special meeting tonight. now, many. concerns come from neighboring east palo alto where people fear more traffic congestion and higher rents there. one of the talking points, a limit to the number of employees in facebook's east campus on willow road and potential effects of building out the west campus on bay front expressway. a boyfriend dumped for having cancer now he is getting revenge. the twitter contest to give away his ex-girlfriend's super
6:22 am
bowl tickets. >> and waterproof your cell phone because this could happen to you. >> ew. >> although i hope you don't do what this guy is about to do. >> put it on your face. >> come on. >> we have a company that's making waterproof cell phones. we'll tell you what that's all about when we come back. >> sheesh.
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a santa ana company says it has if you have been worried about dropping your cell phone
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in water or a toilet, there's a santa ana company that says it has a protective measure not from the germs but from the water. look how disgusting that is. liquid pell is offering a new coating for phones that's 1,000 times thinner than human hair. don't put it on your face after you pull it out of toilet. that's the other note here. 11 types of phones can be treated including the iphone. they offer the nanocoating for $59 and promises that that coating will out last your phone. >> i dropped mine in a lake and it didn't work. >> not water professor yet. there is a man giving away his tickets not super bowl. the nashville man's ex- girlfriend drove him to do it. he was planning to go to the big game in indy on sunday. but then he was diagnosed with bladder cancer and she dumped him! she still wants to go to the game but she won't go on his tickets. no way. he is holding a contest on his twitter account to give away
6:26 am
the tickets. and the "l.a. times" reports costco is now selling packages that include super bowl tickets on its website. >> wow. >> hankering for indiana? >> and a giant thing of cheese puffs, go to costco. >> go home with some sear yoes and cheerios and super bowl tickets. ferris bueller apparently is taking another day off. >> i'm not sure what it is. i guess that would be okay. >> i'm calling the studio, matthew. you're not shooting today. >> he bought it! >> how can i handle work on a day like today? >> hi, can i get my crv brought up, please? >> got a lot to do, today. >> broderick -- >> how cool is that? >> awesome. he reprises a bueller bowl for the super bowl ad. he plays himself promoting the revamped honda but makes plenty
6:27 am
of references apparently to the movie "ferris bueller's day off." >> probably come out with a movie, too. >> so nostalgic. >> part 2. coming up, the polls are open. we'll have a live report on florida's high stakes primary and new allegations against san francisco's sheriff. how ross mirkarimi allegedly tried to keep his wife silent. >> and just half hour thousands of kaiser workers will be hitting the picket lines. how hospitals across the state are now preparing for that strike. >> oakland has a new weapon against "occupy" protestors. stay-away orders. critics say the orders are making jean quan look like a hypocrite. find out why coming up. ,,,,
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your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. good morning, everybody. last day of january, i'm frank mallicoat. sorry -- >> did you get it. >> i got it. >> i'm grace lee. it's 6:30. republican voters are casting their ballots in florida the biggest presidential primary so far this election year. >> here's a -- not a live look. this is mitt romney stumping over the weekend one of the state's largest cities, of course, tampa, orlando, miami, will all be chiming in today. the latest polls all show mitt romney has a substantial lead
6:31 am
in florida. it's a winner take all system unlike south carolina, new hampshire, there's 50 delegates at stake, winner takes all. romney, newt gingrich have been campaigning hard for the big prize. >> we have a challenge to make sure every conservative knows that the only effective vote to stop romney is a vote for me. >> i know speaker gingrich is not feeling very excited these days. >> waaah. >> i know, it's sad. >> rick santorum, ron paul trailing in the florida polls have been focusing on future states in fact both are in colorado today and they are not campaigning in florida. susan mcginnis joins us now live from tampa, where days of intense campaigning are finally winding down. what's the word down there, susan? could there be any surprises or does romney have this for all intents and purposes? >> reporter: it does look, grace, so far that romney does have it. but, of course, florida is known for being filled with
6:32 am
fickle voters and it's so large and diverse that that certainly anything could happen. i mean, really, florida is thought of as a microcosm of the nation. so we'll see who they favor. it seems romney has it tied up despite hour confidently newt gingrich is speaking and he will continue to do that. he is vowing to fight on after this primary no matter what happens here today. >> let's talk about the primaries and the caucuses that lie ahead because they're not very newt-friendly so to speak. they all play into romney's powerhouse. >> reporter: that's correct. the next few at least are not very friendly to newt gingrich because a couple of the states have very heavy mormon population including arizona, michigan is another problem for newt gingrich because that's mitt romney was born and that is where his father was governor so those are coming up next and those are ones that
6:33 am
are likely going to favor romney. if newt gingrich can get funding to hang in the race, which he plans to through super tuesday, that's when 10 states all hold their primaries on the same day and several those states including georgia and oklahoma and tennessee, those are expected to be taken by gingrich. and, of course, after florida, which is a winner-take-all state as far as delegates, many of the upcoming contests, were the delegates proportionally to the vote so that's what newt gingrich is counting on to try to amass the votes and get up to the amount that it will take to win the nomination which is more than 1100 in total. >> susan, we're hearing about a surprise candidate. what's the word down in florida about that? >> there's pessimism about whether one will actually emerge but there's hope among some republican party leaders that maybe some superpower house will come out and rescue the day here because the fear among many republicans is that these two front-runners are damaging each other, damaging
6:34 am
the party as a whole and only helping obama in all of this. so there are names being thrown around. jeb bush the former governor here, governor mitch daniels. it doesn't look like they're jumping in. jeb bush made a secret ballot and isn't saying who he is supporting. it's unlikely that they are going to jump into the race. it's possible that those three are looking at their own presidential aspirations down the road maybe it 2016 and they don't want to upset that by taking any action at this election. >> you kind of have to jump in early. we'll see where it goes. they are beating each other up in florida. susan mcginnis, thank you. >> keep it here on cbs 5 throughout the day for continuing coverage of the mr. . primary. go to and click on news. secretary of state hillary clinton is pushing the u.n. security council today trying to pass a resolution condemning
6:35 am
the dictator of syria. bashir assad's forces have violently cracked down on anti- government protestors for about a year now. the u.n. says more than 5,000 people have been killed in that middle eastern nation. and right now, activists say that syrian troops are crushing pockets of resistance just outside the capital city. 6:35. oakland as mayor is talking about a new idea to prevent violence and vandalism by "occupy" protestors. gil diaz over in oakland now where repeat offenders might be orthod to stay away. he joins us with more. gil, good morning. >> reporter: frank, good morning. mayor jean quan and other city officials call them stay-away orders. but critics aren't fooled. they say that the stay-away orders really are just injunctions that mayor jean quan was originally opposed to when it involved gangs. now, the stay-away orders prevent protestors from being near city hall or being near oakland for that matter. if the protestors return, police can arrest them
6:36 am
immediately for violating the court order. we asked councilman ignacio de la fuente if he thought the mayor was flip-flopping on injunctions. and here's what he said. >> she probably wishes now that she would have supported the gang injunction because of the violence in the neighborhood and hopefully again we'll move faster with this one than with the last one. >> reporter: the mayor is seeking court orders against 1 00 protestors against repeat offenders. over the weekend 400 people were arrested but 58 are still in custody and they are going to be brought into court today to face more serious charges such as burglary, assault and resisting arrest. frank, back to you. >> thank you, gil diaz live for us in oakland this morning. gil, thanks. a san francisco prosecutor is argue, the use of videotape now as evidence in the domestic violence case against sheriff ross mirkarimi. the video from new year's eve was apparently record after his wife eliana lopez went to a
6:37 am
neighbor to complain about the abuse by her husband. the "chronicle" reports ross mirkarimi kept lopez from leaving the home for 18 hours after allegedly bruising her arm. ross mirkarimi pled not guilty. for the latest on our traffic situation, here's elizabeth. >> thank you. well, let's see. we had a couple of earlier accidents and first want to update you that everything is now off to the right-hand shoulder so really nothing out there currently blocking lanes. one of our earlier problems was going against the commute eastbound highway 4 at hillcrest. that's now off to the right shoulder. look at the line of slow traffic westbound highway 4. really sluggish right now through antioch and then we are seeing more brake lights at pittsburg and bay point and then speeds improve closer towards 242. another accident we were following westbound 84 in menlo park by will slow cleared out of lanes. -- willow is cleared out of lanes. it was noninjury, no delay there. "timesaver traffic" cameras a live look at the bay bridge,
6:38 am
upper deck traffic moving fine this morning heading into san francisco. but at 6:19 this morning, they did turn the metering lights on so we are stacking up behind the pay gates just about to the end of the parking lot at the bay bridge toll plaza. more traffic coming up. in the meantime we're talking weather with lawrence. >> low clouds and fog around the bay area spreading well onshore visibilities to a quarter mile in santa rosa. reports of some drizzle out there even inside the bay some drizzle towards san jose. we are seeing delays also at sfo for arriving flights of over an hour and that's because of low clouds. 40s and 50s right now. i think toward the afternoon the skies are going to break a bit. planning on cool temperatures though, 61 in san jose. 50s at the coast. fog continuing at the beaches. next couple of days there is a slight chance we could see scattered showers mainly north of the golden gate bridge on wednesday morning. then that moves on out. and here comes warm temperatures again well above average as we head into thursday and friday and well, looks like we're going to stay very mild toward the weekend. that's a look at weather. back to you.
6:39 am
>> thank you. more than 20,000 kaiser workers are staging a one-day strike today. now, this stems from a contract dispute involving mental health and optical workers. lisa washington is in oakland to tell us how thousands of other workers who aren't involved in the dispute are actually joining in. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. that's right. there could be as many as 22,000 kaiser employees in the bay area involved in this strike. but as you said, the actual dispute only involves about 4,000 members of the national union of healthcare workers. i'm going to move out of the way so you can see the activity that's happening here now. we are at the oakland kaiser permanente location. the actual strike doesn't begin until 7:00 this morning. but you can see already there are a number of security guards and security officers here as they are preparing for this strike. you can see that several areas have been roped off with a caution tape and, of course,
6:40 am
those orange cones. loss of media presence. -- lots of media presence. the union has been bargaining for a new contract since 2010. this is the fourth time kaiser workers have gone on strike since they have been bargaining and more than 17,000 registered nurses will join them on the picket lines today as well as 650 stationary engineers. this dispute involves wages, healthcare coverage, retirement benefits, patient care and staffing for the 4,000 clinical psychologists, mental health workers, psychiatric social workers and the optometrists. kaiser representatives say all their facilities will be open throughout this strike and that they will be fully staffed to provide the best care for their patients. thank you. 6:40. nasa has chosen san jose state university for a $73 million federal grant, the largest of
6:41 am
the school's 15 five-year history. the money will fund five years of research on air and space travel in conjunction with nasa ames research center in mountain view. the goal is to develop systems to improve aviation safety and efficiency close to earth and beyond. sjsu students and employees will work side by side with nasa scientists on the projects. pretty cool. it is 6:41. facebook about to "friend" wall street. our good friend brian cooley will break down the biggest tech ipo perhaps ever. coming up. and the medical breakthrough on skin cancer coming up. >> the market opened a few minutes ago. take a look at the early numbers on tuesday last day of january. it was down yesterday and things are perking up a little today. not up a lot but up enough. we'll crunch the numbers with kcbs moneywatch reporter jason brooks right after the break.
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6:44 am
this weekend, alon did you hear that? >> yes, i did. >> that's thunder! with snow. or as we just discussed snunder. it happened in ohio over the weekend along with a flash of lightning and 40-mile-per-hour winds. that sounds awful! meteorologists say that
6:45 am
thundersnow is not super rare but people don't always recognize it when it's happening. lawrence read this in the last hour but he did so poorly -- [ laughter ] >> you took it away! . >> there will be no more -- it doesn't happen very often because you need a lot of uplift in the atmosphere and usually with snow you don't have that. >> what is is fog and drizzle? >> freezingfrizle. we're seeing drizzle, roads slick at the beaches early on but i think as we head through the day we'll see skies beginning to part a bit. there is a chance of rain in the forecast. doesn't look very significant. but got to put it in there toward tomorrow. a rather flat ridge across the bay area today means cool temperatures on tap. you can see the cold front out here. looks impressive now but by the time it gets here really going to be falling apart. so at least a slight chance of showers mainly north of the golden gate bridge. all right. around the bay area today, we are going to see temperatures warming up into the low 60s into san jose and morgan hill,
6:46 am
about 59 in sunnyvale only 55 in pacifica with a patchy low clouds continuing there. inland temperatures in the 50s and low 60s into the east bay. and how about some 50s inside the bay? we are going to kind fairly cool. going to take a long time to break that up. about 61 degrees with partial clearing into santa rosa. over the next couple of days we have a slight chance of showers north of the golden gate bridge for tomorrow morning. and then we start to dry things out. here comes that sunshine around the bay area again. temperatures running well above the average as we head into the next weekend. that's a look at weather. how about traffic, elizabeth? >> all right. so is there a little frizzle there right now? >> there could be. >> watch out for that on the roads. it could be slick if you are beginning your morning commute or about to head out. we are starting to see brake lights westbound 237. this is our "timesaver traffic" camera in milpitas right there by the 880/237 interchange traffic coming around the bend. sluggish towards zanker road. this is usually the time of morning when we get busy there. and same story at the bay
6:47 am
bridge toll plaza. we can't show you the camera right now. metering lights were turned on at 6:19 so it is stacking up just behind the pay gates right there to the end of the parking lot almost to the west grand overcrossing. once you get past treasure island, this camera is on the san francisco side of the span. everything actually looks okay through there. let's get a south bay check. so far a few brake lights on northbound 101 where we usually see it coming into san jose. but 280 around 8:00 we usually see more traffic busy out of downtown towards cupertino. you can see more headlights there but so far no delay. that is traffic and weather. back to you. 6:47. the fda just approved a new drug to treat an advanced form of skin cancer. the drug known as erivedge will treat people with basal cell carcinoma for people who can't take radiation. it also goes to other parts of the body. it will be available in the next couple of weeks. home prices in most of the
6:48 am
country have fallen for three months in a row now. here's jason brooks with kcbs and good morning. >> reporter: good morning. just not enough demand in the housing market to lift prices. job markets still on the way back. also a lot of foreclosures in the mix still keeping values down. and according to the latest kay schiller report the top 20 markets in the country lost 1.3% in value in november from october. the bay area saw an even bigger decline at 1.9%. and year-over-year, the bay area losing 5.5% versus the average of the top 20 cities of a loss of 3.7%. wall street has a lot on its plate today including earnings from some of the biggest corporations out there. exxonmobil posting huge numbers, profit of $9.4 billion in the 4th quarter. revenue though missing expectations. it made over $41 billion for all of 2011. also earnings out from u.p.s. and pfizer and that's driving
6:49 am
the market this morning. also europe playing a role. there's u.p.s.'s numbers. $725million profit in 2011 after $1.3 billion in 2010. and pfizer's numbers coming in at $1.4 billion in 2011. let's check the numbers now. the dow is up by 39 points. nasdaq is gaining 9. and the s&p is up by 4 points. back to you, frank. >> thank you, jason brooks with kcbs and well, it could be a facebook first. two sacramento women have gotten more than a million comments on one single post. cathy matthews tracy hodgkin's say they had a lot of help from about 105 other people. most of the messages were two letter words over and over and over again. the group submitted the post to the guinness book of world records but they have yet to hear that's actually setting a record. with more on facebook, here's grace. >> there's been a lot of hype over facebook's wall street debut. the social network is expected to file registration papers for
6:50 am
its ipo tomorrow. cnet's brian cooley is here to break down what's at stake. so they're filing tomorrow but that doesn't mean it will go public. rights. >> reporter: we expect their filing tomorrow. that means they are going to tell the sec we're going to go public pretty soon, days, weeks, at the most a month or two later but normally they go out a few days to a few weeks after they file this s1 form. first of all, facebook we now know facebook is going to public and it will be a red-hot stock. also when they file the registration form they have to reveal a lot about their business that they have not really revealed before. they have been a private company. they have tell you what them to tell you about their fundamentals. so we'll know more about what's coming in what's going to the bottom line, how much money they make and how they make it and we'll know more as they become public and file regular quarterly reports. >> even though we want to hear the juicy details, would this give any insight to their competitors or not that they really have any but -- >> in these kinds of things in the regulatory environment we have today when you're tack about the huge numbers that
6:51 am
facebook is going to generate here or any size company you have to tell about competitive risk. you have to say we are at risk for this, this or this hurting our business. we're worried about this kinds of competition. we may not execute on this portion of our business going forward, maybe our apps won't do as well as we thought. we're worried about international. you have to be honest about that these days. there's a lot of regulatory language. so it gives us insight but, of course, the average per says how can i get in because i think it's going to be the next goingle ? >> be careful because you think the price is going to be who high? >> i'm not a stock analyst but one of the things that happens with well nobody companies is a lot of people get it so a lot of people want well known company stock. it's not like obscure science or engineering company going public and i don't know what they do. we all know what facebook does. some of us use it. a lot of us are saying i get it, it's cool, i think it will do well. >> 800 million of us. >> probably a billion. the new filings will show more about their growth.
6:52 am
they have given us little data about their growth. it can be a billion now for all we know and they will project how far they will go. >> we'll have to wait and see. >> it will be interesting tomorrow. this could be the biggest tech ipo since google. >> we'll hear more about it. >> a little bit. thank you, cnet editor-at- large brian cooley. we move along. thousands of nurses staging a one-day strike in northern california. these are live pictures outside kaiser permanente over in oakland. we have a live report coming up. the polls in florida have been coming up on "cbs this morning" new audiotapes recorded on a force once after the assassination of jfk. how it could affect the conspiracy theories and what we have learned. republican senator scott brown talks to us about money and politics and his efforts to stop insider trading by members of congress. see you at 7:00 on "cbs this morning." i need pain relief that won't mess with my grip.
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[ male announcer ] icy hot no-mess applicator. wherever you hurt, it massages in icy to dull pain, hot to relax it away. no pain. no mess. as republicans cast ballots in the biggest presidential primary of the season, so far. the polls in florida have been opened for three hours as republicans cast ballots in the biggest presidential primary of the season so far. florida has a winner-take-all primary system so the top vote- getter will earn all the
6:56 am
state's 50 delegates. polls show mitt romney does have a substantial lead over newt gingrich after the two had very bitter exchanges in the past several days. rick santorum and ron paul have pretty much conceded florida. they both have events planned today in colorado which holds caucuses one week from today. just a couple of minutes thousands of employees at kaiser permanente will walk off the job. lisa washington is in oakland to explain what's at the heart of the dispute. she joins us with more. >> reporter: that's right. it's the national union of healthcare workers. actually only about 4,000 workers who have been bargaining for a new contract since 2010. but there are thousands of nurses from the california nurses association who will be standing with them on the picket lines today as they take to those lines once again. this is the fourth time that they have been picketing since they have been bargaining for a new contract. this involves more than 17,000 nurses standing with them and
6:57 am
an additional 650 stationary engineers. this will be the largest walkout in kaiser's history. this dispute involves wages, healthcare coverage, retirement benefits, patient care and staffing for some clinical psychologists, mental healthcare workers and psychiatric social workers. as you can see, some of the strikers are getting ready with some picket signs getting ready for a 24-hour strike involving as many as 22,000 kaiser permanente workers. >> thank you, lisa washington live for us in oakland. some new allegations that ross mirkarimi kept his wife confined in their home on new year's eve. "chronicle" reports that eliana lopez finally left their home when mirkarimi took a shower after causing a bruise on her arm allegedly, 18 hours after that. prosecutors want to use the video against the sheriff who
6:58 am
goes on trial in march. 6:57. got a check of the roads this morning. >> check the roads and we are getting busy out there in some spots so where we usually see it. westbound 237 a few brake lights. also there is an accident reported off to the right shoulder southbound 880 right before the 237 interchange. again it's not blocking lanes. but we are starting to see some definite slow traffic there slower speeds in milpitas towards san jose. so your drive times not too bad getting a little sluggish now down the eastshore freeway on westbound 80 between the carquinez bridge to the maze. westbound 580 the altamont pass pass commute heavy as well but bart -- in fact, all mass transit is on time. so not too bad as far as the start to our morning commute goes. all right. that is traffic. for your forecast, what are you guys talking about? >> about this slam-dunk that's coming up? >> you mean weather? >> yes. [ laughter ] >> it's looking great. low clouds and fog out there right now. we have some of drizzle out there, too. delays at sfo of over an hour
6:59 am
for arriving flights there. by the afternoon, clouds will part a bit but hang out at the coastline plan on cloudy skies there only mid-50s into pacifica, some 60s showing up in the valleys so looks like some unsettled weather toward tomorrow. slight chance of a few showers and i think that will be. best chance for any rain in a while. after that offshore winds start blowing. and those temperatures start heating up around the bay area well above average possibly up to the 70s. >> got to love it. >> our audio guy was asking me a sports question. i gave him the answer. he was impressed. but i cheated. >> elizabeth is our resident sports expert. >> yeah. forgot about elizabeth. sorry. we want to show you the dunk that's fantastic out of the nba. >> this could be dunk of the year. take a look. posterizing kendrick perkins of the thunder. a huge slam...


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